The People     & Places
Clayton Homes Team Member " Our industry is very much based on collaboration, and he does this very well. Professional, and knows how to help make the synergy of the team flow. A true asset." Eric Carbaugh
SAIC Project Manager "The remote team worked extremely well due to Wade taking the lead on the technical team's coordination and in managing us toward on time and on budget software releases." Neil Hollans
SAIC Project Manager "He is the rare sort that can speak a customer's language, no matter what discipline, and effectively put together a deliverable that not only meets what they want, but provides what they need." Dave Gisy
Bush Bros. Project Manager "I'm not sure another individual would have been able to accomplish this project as easily given the lack of time I was able to provide." Jeff Austin
SAIC "The client has been extremely pleased with the iterative design approach... They commend Wade for delivering products very quickly and providing exactly what they asked for and needed. " (APEC Project Assessment)
SAIC Project Manager "Delivered what he said he was going to deliver and more. He just simply did an outstanding job and continues to perform meeting all expectations and going beyond. " Marco Zamora
Bachelors of Science     Information Systems
Concentration in Web Development             Minor in Enterprise Data Management
  • Decision Support & Business Intellegence
  • Information Technology Audit & Control
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • Networking Security Fundamentals
  • Data Warehouse Planning
  • System Modeling Theory
  • Economics - Problems & Issues
  • Systems Analysis & Development
  • Statistics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Biology
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Networking Introduction
  • Information Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Web Page Development I/II
  • Computer Program Design
  • Creating Web Databases
  • Java Programming I/II
  • Professional Communications
  • Critical Thinking
  • Research Writing
Industry     Experience
It started in 5th grade with a TI-99 and I got hooked. Now some 30 years later, with 20 years in the software development industry, I still get excited to see what I can do with new languages. My first love was Coldfusion in the mid 90s as a markup programming language that was like HTML on steroids and is still a powerful language. But I have moved through PHP, C#, Java and now I split my time between enterprise iPhone applications with Objective C and data architecture with TSQL.
* Size of words are proportionate to experience and frequency of current use.
There are hundreds of software apps I've worked with or continue to use, but if my total range of software experience was a house, these would make up my garage. With these tools I can get the job done as fast as possible however I have experience with a wide range of applications both based on utility and what my employer requires me to use. Not getting too stuck on a single piece of software to accomplish a task keeps a programmer or designer flexible.
There are a lot of buzz words but they all mean something be it a method, process, philosophy, or a concept that is critical to doing sound business. These are the ones I am most familiar with in my experience working with businesses large and small. Most of these relate to processes that lend to reaching an objective quicker with less maintenance while providing the user with something intuitive.
On-Site     Remote
I am a huge telepresence advocate and have not only spent years working remotely for several companies in my past, I have also performed a number of small studies in college on some of the social hurtles in hiring telepresence employees.

While most companies that start a remote work program report huge efficiency and productivity benefits, the initial reservation for project managers is usually the same.

"I don't know if they are working a full shift or even working at all."

I get it. Meeting deadlines and generating solid results isn't enough. Some managers really want a social congealing to get a group vibe going among all the employees in a department. Social fit is important. Some just want to be able to turn around and say "hey, is that thing done?" This telepresence robot fills the gap and would allow me to be productive in my office, create interpersonal relationships through impromptu meetings, and reinforce with observation that yes, I am working as long and as hard as everyone else.
  • Able to attend meetings.
  • Impromptu Conversations.
  • Productive on-site while remote.
  • Presence felt in the office space.
  • No relocation hassle.
  • Experienced Remote-Work Professional.


Dollars to FedEx my remote-work
body to most places in the U.S.


Seconds it takes to go from
home life to online working.


Square feet occupied in
the office for charging.


Chance of catching or spreading work
borne illness leading to sick days.
Personal     Life
Family Time
Movie night
States visited : 28
States lived in : 7
Number of M&Ms tuition could buy : 1,689,786
Favorite Christmas Movie : Die Hard
Favorite Sport : Hockey, but not fanatical about it. Love a good game.
Favorite Food to Cook : I make a mean cheesecake.
What did you do before IT : Feels like everything. Fast food, bill collections, MLM phone support, waiter, short order cook, Cigar wholesale, grociery bagger, drive time weather and traffic anouncer for an AM station, door-to-door insurance sales.
Mac or PC : It used to be PC, but now I have both and my family has several iPhones and iPads so it depends on what I want to do.